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Estate Janitorial

Estate Janitorial has many years of experience in commercial janitorial services. Honesty, reliability and customer satisfaction separates us from the competition. We can offer many letters of recommendation from our customers. Our Janitorial services are available to the greater Houston area and all the surrounding areas

In addition to general janitorial services, we offer professional window cleaning, carpet cleaning, hard floor care, tile & grout cleaning, marble cleaning, and light bulb changing. Our company is fully insured and bonded for your protection.

Our goal is to provide high quality maintenance services with integrity. This guideline is Designed to enable us achieve this goal… not to limit us. Estate Janitorial, will modify or add any additional request, not specifically addressed in this guideline.

DUSTING:  Desk tops, file cabinets, copy machines, bookshelves, tables, and other furniture will be dusted with a treated dust cloth at each service; low dusting of chair rails and legs, desk and table legs, baseboards, ledges, vents, etc. will be done bi-weekly. Cobwebs will be removed as needed.

DESKS:  Desktops will be dusted each services and polished or damp wiped weekly. Paper left on desks will not be disturbed. Desk accessories including calculators. Calendars letter trays will be dusted weekly.

SMOKING AREA:  Ashtrays will be emptied, damp wiped and dried each services.

TELEPHONES:  Telephones will be dusted daily and sanitized as needed

WINDOW SILLS:  Windowsills will be dusted weekly.

WINDOW BLINDS:  Window blinds will be dusted monthly.

FURNITURE:  All upholstered furniture will be vacuumed and vinyl furniture will be damp wiped monthly.

WATER FOUNTAIN:  Water fountain will be cleaned sanitized and polished each services.

FINGER MARKS:  Finger marks and smudges will be removed from desk, partitions. Doors light switches and woodwork as needed .

FLOORS:  (pvc) Floors will be vacuumed or swept and mopped during each service. (Stripping and waxing are available upon request see specialized services for a very economical cost.)

CARPETS:  All open areas, corners edges, and traffic way will be vacuumed each services. All carpeting will be thoroughly vacuumed weekly including kneehole of desks behind doors under and behind movable furniture and equipment. Small spot stain will be removed a needed,

MICROWAVE OVENS:  Microwave ovens will be damp wiped and cleaned all surface in and out on each services.

GLASS:  Glass and mirrors will be cleaned and polished each service

WALLS:  Splash marks will be removed from walls around the sinks and dispenser, each service pvc walls partition walls and doors will be spot cleaned each services and sanitized Monthly.

LUNCHROOM KITCHEN AND COFFEE AREAS:  For a healthy environment and pleasant lunch area it is very important to have this area Clean and in a good sanitary condition. Tables and sinks will be cleaned and sanitized, bright metal will be cleaned and polished at each service. Trash containers will be emptied each service, exterior of metal containers will be spot cleaned and plastic liners will be replaced as needed.

TRASH DISPOSAL:  Trash containers will be emptied each services and taken to designated area. Plastic liners will be replaced as needed, trash containers will be cleaned when needed.

ENTRANCE GLASS:  Glass in entrance doors and receptionists partitions will be cleaned each service on both Sides to remove smudges and fingerprints.

RESTROOMS:  The restroom area is a special concern to everyone’s health our objective is to keep them Clean sanitized and fresh smelling on a consistent basis. Toilet bowls seats urinals and sinks will be cleaned and sanitized, bright metal will be cleaned and polished at each service. Trash containers will be emptied each service, exterior of metal containers will be spot cleaned and plastic liners will be replaced as needed.

DISPENSERS:  Dispensers will be cleaned polished and re-filled with supplies from stock each services.


Janitorial Services

  • •  Floor Care
    •  Tile Grout Cleaning
    •  Lawn Care
    •  Steam Carpet Cleaning
    •  Furniture Cleaning
    •  Window Cleaning
    •  Construction Cleaning
    •  Pressure Wash
    •  Parking Lot Sweeps
    •  Commercial Light Bulb Changing


Our Customers:

 •  General Offices
•   Medical Facilities
•   Doctor Offices
•  Child Care
•  Learning Facilites
•  Churches
•  Financial Institutions
•  Rental
•  Restaurant


Estate Janitorial

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